Dawn Michele Jackson

Probably the most difficult thing we will do in our lifetime is to explore the darkness within. But the true gift is that it is in the darkness that we find our own light and we heal. It’s so common for us to spend years living behind masks trying to fit in because being vulnerable is just not something we’re comfortable with in our lives. We may have stories running through our head about our own worth. Perhaps we feel safe when we pretend that we’re strong, capable, successful and that all is well. The truth is that not one of us comes through this life without struggles and pain. Underneath all of this struggle we are souls trying to shine. It is our work to find those places of darkness so that we may heal them. Being vulnerable, real, and honest are so important in this process as you embrace all of you. Learning to believe in yourself is one of the greatest gifts you may ever experience because ultimately it leads to self love. My goal is to help you on the journey of your life.

My Life Experiences & Training:

Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing practicing for past 20 years

Certified Grief Recovery Specialist®

Author & Editor for : Wisdom of the Wild Heart,  New Age News Magazine

Young Living Essential Oil Distributor

Past Life Regression Facilitator

Mind, Body, Spirit Practitioner

Spiritual Counseling Certification

Reiki II Certification