My intention is help you live a healthier life physically, emotionally and spiritually. The most important thing for you to know is that you can expect a safe, caring, non-judgmental visit with me. Each time we meet I will offer you individualized care while meeting your specific needs. We will work together to determine a treatment plan that feels comfortable to you.

When we meet there are a few modalities I can offer to assist in the healing of your mind, body, and soul.  Whatever needs you may have we will work as a team to get you the balance you desire.


Please feel free to contact me at any time for a free consultation/discussion about how I may be of help to you on the  journey of your life.

The Grief Recovery Method®:  8 week groups or one on one classes (contact me for prices)

Past Life Regression $111 (90-120 min)

Spiritual Counseling/Guidance – $85 (60 min)

Please see my FAQ page for information on specific services.

*My goal is to help in your healing process and not exclude individuals because of financial hardship. Please discuss concerns with me so we can come up with a payment plan that works for you*